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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Should you fix that leak?

Water water everywhere....

Well not so anymore. Water, as I have said in the past, will be the next oil. Look the writing is on the wall. You now pay more for 12 oz. bottled water per gallon than gas. We can run out of oil and survive but if we run out of water then disease and death are soon to follow.

It always amazes me when I go to a customers home and find plumbing leaks during my free routine inspections I do. I will point out that these other problems should be addressed and corrected yet the customer is reluctant. Dismissing a leak is wasteful and harmful to the environment. Water, like oil, is a resource. Use it wisely and you will not have to adjust your lifestyle when a drought comes.

So how can you conserve water? The number one way is low flow toilets. Low flow toilets help each of us slow the flow and can save tremendous amounts of water each flush. Next is irrigation and landscape selection. You can consult with a landscape architect who can show you what you should plant in your particular area and don't be afraid to ask them how long or what time you should water your existing landscape.

Then comes showers and shower heads. If you have teenagers then you know how long a shower can last. It is not uncommon to let the shower run until the water is warm enough to get into but did you ever wonder how much water that wastes? Estimates are near 60,000 gallons per year per household! Wasted! A circulation pump would eliminate most of that and so would catching that with a bucket and using it on your landscaping. Shower heads can use from .5 gpm to 8 gpm (gallons per minute) So in one minute you could have taken a sixteen minute shower! Something to consider. Sewer treatment facilities are running at capacity and the housing keeps going up so conservation to control your personal costs is a prudent investment.

Finally we come to leaks. Waste with no purpose. Fixing those running toilets, dripping faucets or the newly discovered "wet spot" in the yard should be done as quickly as time allows. Bad plumbing probably accounts for most of the loss we face overall since it is a total loss and is not used by anyone. These leaks usually go unnoticed.

Prudent conservation, water saving devices and technology will help you do your part in the great water conservation effort soon to be coming to a city near you! Be ready and reap the benefits of a properly working water saving plumbing system. You will feel good for doing it and the planet will too!

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AAA said...

I think that it is important to fix leaks on pipes in order to conserve water. Water scarcity has become a significant problem in some countries that's why we should try to conserve water whenever possible since water is a basic human need that we need for our survival.

paul said...

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