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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

One way to select a plumber...

You need a plumber, now! Water is coming out everywhere and that smell! Where that’s coming from you're afraid to ask.

So how do you select a plumber? What criteria should a person use? Here is some friendly advice from someone who has over 30 years in the trade. Remember your real estate is usually the largest investment you'll make in life. Do you really want to let just anyone in there? No! If they aren't licensed you could fall victim to criminals who prey on owners who don't check out who they hire. There are those who use someone just because they answer the phone. Really that's all they have to do. Some look for the best "deal" they can find thinking no one is really qualified that does the work. Some go to the good old stand by, the same guy who has been doing the work for them all these years. Sometimes it pays to look around for who is the most qualified for your particular task. Drain clearing is pretty standard stuff if all you want is the water to go down. If you want to know why it stopped up and how to prevent it from happening so soon you may want to consider someone who has a video inspection system. Maybe you would benefit by using enzymes to combat sludge build up. So you see there are as many ways to clear a drain as are those interested. Think about some of the consequences of hiring someone unqualified or just plain too lazy to learn the new technology of plumbing. Plumbers install gas lines, waterlines, drain lines, tankless water heaters, sewer lines and automatic gas shut-off valves et. These are the tools by which modern man combats the spread of disease. Plumbing that does not meet current minimum standards endangers the occupants of the dwelling and the public at large. So mix it up. Ask around before picking up that phone book. Ask yourself if you would let that person you hire touch everything you put in your mouth or on your body. The plumber brings you water you drink and the showers you take. If the answer is no then call someone else.

By the way, how many things are wrong in this photo? Go ahead and post your response.

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